Let’s talk Alignment

As you may know I’ve been wandering around the globe whilst digging deep, learning about myself, doing my SHADOW WORK & growing through the Self Love journey that is ever ongoing. I strongly believe in being in alignment with SELF & living in YOUR TRUTH, but what does that mean? What does that look like?

Coming into alignment with self can start out in a very confusing way. The road can be quite rocky and arduous with twists & turns that you never expected to experience or uncover as you begin to unlearn things you thought you knew & dive deep into who you really are, what you want & desire on a SOUL LEVEL. For me this looked like learning about the things I really desired in life, most of which I had long stopped dreaming about because I didn’t feel I would be able to MAKE HAPPEN. For years I lived with (and still deal with) LIMITING BELIEFS that trapped me in states of dissatisfaction & feeling unfulfilled & restless. So in digging deep & doing my best to follow what felt true to me, I’ve ended up in places I didn’t foresee & finally beginning my real journey. This has been trying Mentally, Emotionally, & Physically but It is a totally Liberating and worthwhile path. The universe works in mysterious ways & when we LISTEN to the guidance that comes our way & follow our truths with determination ALL is Possible.Since I’ve been exploring this journey for a while, I thought I’d share my perspective and tips that I’ve gathered and developed along the way.

6 Tips to Cultivating Alignment

1. Awareness

What are you currently aligned to? What are your current core values/ beliefs. These may have been cultivated in the past but thriving in the present and so you may not immediately recognise their present with the thinking mind. They may be different/ not aligned to the values and beliefs you WANT to be aligned to and so it is easy to deny that you may still have limiting beliefs or values that do not resonate with what you want to create. Know that these beliefs can be changed, but you must first become aware of your current alignment.

2. Acceptance of current alignment

We can not simply use force to move ourselves from one path of alignment into another.
Have you noticed that as much as you may say or think you want something, life is just not going that way? you can not seem to manifest the things you think you desire? This is because alignment and manifestation listen to the vibrations produced by the subconscious body. It is far deeper than the conscious mind, the roots go deeper than you may be aware of and they play notes that you can not hear half the time. In order to change the trajectory of our lives, we have to find out what our current coding is, which potentially disharmonious chords we could be unintentionally strumming, and not deny it. With this acceptance we can see the difference between our current path and the path we want to be on. Looking at this deep truth within us gives us new perspective as to why life isn’t going the way we consciously want it to, why we find so much resistance in committing to action the things we supposedly desire, and how we can begin to change this. With this close observation and gained understanding of self AS IS, we can then begin to make the necessary steps to changing our current core (subconscious) beliefs, replacing them with new more aligned ones. Our centre of gravity has to be altered, our core beliefs have to be changed on a deep level before we are able to alter our paths and thus our trajectory.
This stage of the journey to alignment is where the Shadow Work really comes in. this is a space in which we need to be brave enough to dive to the bottom of the river, but stay focused enough to not get trapped down there. Shadow work is the dredging of the river, not the drowning in it. Remind yourself of this.

3. Ask/ connect to you higher consciousness

I am a great believer that all the answers we desire lay somewhere within ourselves. However, currently I am not a great applier of this belief -time to check where that resistance is rising from!. Though I feel and believe this, until recently I did not know how to access this information easily. I know that things rise up during shadow work and meditation, but these things can often take time, and are not necessarily so much a guided practice as much as they are free flowing and allowing practices. The day I flew to Australia in 2016 I was introduced to a book called “Earth & the Three Waves of Volunteers, Dolores” by my beautiful soul friend Nav. In this book, Dolores connects people to their higher consciousness during hypnosis to find answers to some pre-posed questions & qualms. She poses questions first to the sub conscious self and then calls in the super consciousness for answers that the sub conscious mind/ the hypnotised participant can not answer. On my recent trip to Ghana my partner also read this book, and he suggested we use this method on ourselves. We began to sit in a meditative way and take a very clear question into our higher consciousness. We posed these questions to ourselves. For me, I asked why I was harbouring so much resistance to all the things I supposedly loved and wanted to do more of. Why am I resisting meditation right now? Why am I resisting yoga practice? etc. The way the answeres moved through my body shocked me. Answers rose from the pit of my tummy, knowing flowed through my crown chakra. I was moved to tears by the depth of the responses I was receiving, but I had uncovered some important truths that would allow me to begin to understand my current self. This perspective will allow me to move on to the next step which is ‘Letting Go’.

4. Letting Go

This, this is a continual, gradual, cyclical journey and process. This journey will take you deep and tear holes into the fabric of your knowledge of self. This process will liberate you from these burdens more and more each time you choose it. In this part of your journey it is important to speak this letting go into the universe. Words are powerful, and with every doing of these beliefs we previously created with said words, we need to undo them and thus release them from us. Allow things to rise to the surface. So utter this letting go into the universe. Say it as many times as you need to until you feel the vibration of your words resonate deep within you. You can check in with the subconscious and ask whether you have truly let go, and repeat the process until it is truly so. For more on the art of letting go itself I recommend reading ‘Letting Go. The Pathway of Surrender’ by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. To be honest I can not recommend this book enough. Opening this book truly was an doorway to gaining insight on just how much I had to let go of. It is difficult to image how deep the iceberg goes from sighting its peak above water, but it is really worth taking the time to get to know every part of your self.

5. Replacing Beliefs

So now you’ve let go of some beliefs that were tying you to the post, it’s time to replace them with some that are in alignment to your conscious desires. For me, cultivating beliefs such as “I matter” really helped me in my early stages to cultivate self love and prevent myself from throwing my energy out in every which direction until I had none left for myself. The beliefs you begin to cultivate will form the new set of coordinates for your trajectory, so choose well, using the information you learnt about yourself to guid you.

6. Nurture – Manifest

With your seeds sown, it is important to nurture them daily. Water your seeds, give them enough light, turn the soil, weed the garden gently and send good vibes to your little seeds. Meditate, visualise, get really clear. Allow for flow between the head and heart, connect the two and BE in the alignment. Speak your new beliefs daily until they too resonate deep within. Begin to commit to your desires and new beliefs, take the the daily action required to manifest your desires, dreams and wants. Let the universe feel the alteration in vibrations, and it will become your accomplice.

In the beginning especially this path is not easy. Breaking away from lives we had carved out, places, financial states & sometimes people is often a rough road, but it does get better! The challenges are just obstacles & in creating space for clarity & building your VISION the road becomes one much easier to walk. I have & still often do jobs that throw me totally out of whack because they aren’t my truth & what I could withstand before now is a lot harder to do. More & more it becomes essential for me to do what enables me to fulfil my DREAMS in this lifetime. Your essence & being in its truth & highest self are so needed by many. The quality of life you will develop for yourself & subsequently for others will improve threefold once you really start to flourish in this journey. It takes a lot of PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE but it is all worth it! You & your dreams are worthy & we all NEED you at your greatest, operating in the lane of your PURPOSE. So please, hang tight, keep going, see what resistance may be showing you and FOCUS on your truth & heart space. Awareness of what vibrations your subconscious mind-body is putting out is so key.

Remember that you ARE and you CAN.

I hope this piece was helpful and interesting. Let me know your thoughts and also your experiences if you wish to share! Much Light & Love to you!

SpiritKemet Tenkamenin