Soul Essentials

Over the last year the calling I feel from the realms of alchemy, magic and mindfulness and the likes has intensified threefold, but I have known for a while they were essentials for crafting my best life. Whilst travelling some of these things are easier to participate in than others. I have gotten quite used to stripping back to the bare minimum, to fit my life into a backpack or two and we know that we can not always take everything with us. When was the last time you checked in with yourself to find out what you need on a daily basis to thrive?

What does the heart of yourself really need now? I have realised that identifying our personal idea of Soul Essentials for daily life is very important. Knowledge of self, and what we NEED on a daily basis for our soul health is what allows us to make the right choices for us, to keep us on track and propel us forwards.

Ask Yourself

  • -What things do I need to do as an act of Self Care/Love every day?
  • -Which activities nourish my mental/spiritual/emotional and physical health?
  • -What actions do I choose to include on my to-do list to get closer to my dreams?

-Have I identified my personal least effort required to still be productive, even on a day which things seem near impossible? If not, what does hat look like?

Without having taken the time to identify these key things how can we move from potential into self actualisation? For me, I have noticed that I can not live my best life, or even breathe properly, without regular doses of my identified essentials. I see how much I struggle in making advances in self/life/career/creativity/relationships/health when these needs are not met. Everything suffers and I suffer. I recently wrote a caption on Instagram about how hard I find the in between moments, the times in which I am neither here nor there. Unsettled, half way out of a suitcase and halfway into a 65l backpack.

Realising Soul Essentials & Why they are ‘Essential’

Being a bruja at heart, but feeling my mind sway in the wind, a part of me that is hard to settle, a part of me that is anxious makes it hard to see my way through these times without feeling as though my hands are tied taught behind my back. In these times, so much of me feels exhausted and finding the discipline to hone in and focus on what is required of me seems like a feat always just out of reach. So I have sat and pained inside for the time in which I can be silent, still, grow deep roots to my tree’s of passion, to be the bruja that is deep within.

These times in between I feel that I am just about getting through, and I have come to notice that I find some ease of the pain in sharing, in letting go of the pressure word by word, allowing thought to flow through me, feeling all that IS and let it move into words that I then type haphazardly, without filter and let out into the webs of inter. Yet, in hindsight I notice that the times in which I am able to be, to vibe with the moon, meditate, the times in which Gaia and the heavens alike hold me and I flow with the inner brujas of the universe, I get lost in the magic and do not share.

Mostly I find that these times happen to occur when I am alone, and it feels as it always has, and the irony in the not sharing and the predominantly solo practice, is that I crave nothing more than to be with the tribe. The come down, the return to the 3D realm is a blow that would best be iced with a familia, a collective, with sisters. Whilst I am blessed with a few amazing wombmen in my circle, we are so scattered, all nomads in our own right and though we can feel one another through realms and often time are synchronised, we still spend most of our time apart, and so I share. Every time I write, I find that someone connects with me, with the words, with the time and most importantly with themselves.

Sharing – An Identified Essential

These words and experiences are not mine alone to have and keep. Every ‘experience’ with the universe that I have had is not mine alone to know. Living in a world in which gaps can be bridged & bridges crossed by use of technology, I must find a way to create the life I need that allows me to connect, share, learn and grow wherever and whenever I am. I have been holding my breath for such a long time, catching bits of air here and there,not feeling like I have the space around me physically to sigh, to relieve myself of emotions, to practice my soul work. Now I realise that instead of holding breath for the ‘right’ moment, I must take the breaths that my life and soul depend on. The in between’s are harder than need be because I face much of them in isolation and not meeting my essential criteria.

Right Now – the only time that really is

At present I am sat on my grandads veranda in Salisbury, Dominica. The veranda wraps around the rear of the house, the left end overlooking the Caribbean Sea, hills and mountain peaks to the left. Coming here has been a gift, of which I must truly make the most of and which I have been both apprehensive and in true need of. In this precious few weeks of stillness, I am able to connect to Gaia and to Self and though this is an in between, it is one in which breathing is effortless.

Barefoot and calm, I can hear my heartbeat, my soul speak and clear as day I hear my universe tell me that the time is NOW. Unfiltered, not tweaked, not the picture of perfection that I would image and compare to others, but I am to share my story as is. In meditation it came to me that one of my Essentials is to SHARE. It came to me that my story doesn’t have to be like anyone else’, neither experientially nor in the way it is presented for it to be relevant, to be valid, for it to have use, moreover for it to just BE.

I have been waiting and waiting for the time when everything was ‘right’, just as I was waiting to breathe in the right conditions, I was waiting to share.  We all know that waiting for these fairy tale conditions is akin to chasing ones own tail and thus the tale is never written but the circle is run repeatedly. How exhausting. No wonder I, and many of us who are doing much the same, am frustrated. So now I will make more effort to expend energy on finding ways to untie my hands and let magic flow over using the same energy, if not more, to be upset about those things I wont be able to do for a little while. I have 2 more months of this in between, and whilst it may be uncomfortable and squeeze me and the air somewhat stale, I will push to cover my Essentials for these are as important to my soul as food is to my body.

What are your Soul Essentials?

With this being the year of moving from the ‘cocoon to the butterfly’ I feel that this is a relevant exercise for all of us to engage in and make note of. I recently saw a pin on that made me want to create a list I observe daily. It said, quite simply;“1. Identify the Essentials 2. Eliminate the rest”. So with this, I am trying to honour myself daily this year by practicing these every day, knowing that these will form the foundation of my personal development, and soul happiness.

Being the butterfly takes showing up for ourselves on a daily basis. When you already know what you need to do to achieve that, half the work is done for you. This could be one of the most important things you do for yourself in order to see the changes you desire this year in your life, so why not make your list today?! If you feel like you could use some tips about HOW to get clear on what your soul essentials are then stay tuned as I will be posting about how to identify these in the near future.

Love + Happy Manifesting!

Kem x

MindKemet Tenkamenin