3 Steps to Begin Attracting Abundance into Your Life Right Now: Cultivating the Mindset of Receiving

Last week my partner and I moved into a new apartment, it was literally one out of my visions and something of our dreams that we had written down a few weeks prior so as to manifest.

Finding the place itself & viewing was laced with synchronicities that blew our minds, from the inspection to getting the keys on the spot and seeing recurring triple numbers everywhere on the way home, we were just constantly blown away by the overnight changes that were coming into fruition - that we had literally manifested.

On the first night of being in this dream space, my mind was racing with thoughts and feelings.

From old paradigm ghost thoughts thoughts of being undeserving, to the “oh crap” now I have to step my life up in so many ways, my thoughts followed me into my dreams and all night my mind and body shifted to the level up that had occured physically.

In the morning I looked at myself and knew that I must be wary of any old self sabotage patterns that try to sneak in and catch me unawares. I could see my own desires beginning to manifest around me and truthfully I felt afraid.

Would my old patterns muck this all up?

Will I be able to step up to the challenge and responsibility that this brings?

Am I going to allow myself to be happy?

There’s nothing else to hide behind, I can only spin so many excuses to keep myself from succeeding, I can only be afraid for so long… and I can only be utterly fed up with myself for so long. So whilst I am fully aware that I can choose to feel the fear and do it anyway and that I create my own reality, what I really had to ask myself was - what do I really want? What steps do I need to take to move towards that? For a few moments I sat still, the sunshine pouring through the balcony doors and onto my face, the ocean view before me and before I knew it I was pulling my Medicine Woman Tarot cards out and deep into a spread that confirmed, clarified and guided me through.

This week’s message: “Be Open to Receiving”

If the lights are on but nobody’s home, please tell me who is collecting your parcel?? Either your neighbour or it’s going back to the Post Office. Either way you’re not getting your package today! 

The same applies for abundance flowing into our lives. 

We have all said at some time or other that we want ‘more’. Maybe you’re saying it now - I know there’s definitely more I want in a few areas of my life! (By the way if you’re triggered about the idea of wanting more, it’s okay, I’m just adjusting to it too). 
So the question is, how open are we to receiving the things that we say we want? And how do we become ready to welcome the changes, increase and opportunity into our lives? 

Drop the Baggage & Clean Your Energetic ‘Sieve’

I like to use the metaphor of our physical and energetic bodies being like a sieve. The life force and abundance that you so desire is doing its best to flow into you, the sieve. Imagine all the little sieve holes are blocked with old food and gunk from not being cleaned properly. One step further, imagine you never cleaned your sieve at all! How easy would it be for any new liquid to pass through? That’s right - it wouldn’t! It either wouldn’t pass through, or it would require lots of force (effort, hardship and WAITING). 

Is your life so choka block with old crap, clutter and age old baggage that you couldn’t possibly receive more if you tried - simply because it won’t fit like a three-piece sofa attempting its way through the door of the Hobbits house?

We’re all carrying some degree of baggage from the past - you may be more adept at carrying it than the next person and/or you may have cleared a lot of it out - great!  I’ll just shatter most illusions right here - there is something in your way of getting what you want whether you accept/realise it or not. This is the first point to check when you’re not feeling in flow or in manifestation mode. What are you holding onto and where? A past relationship, that time your dad called you a tart because of your outfit, the feeling of insignificance? Whatever and whenever, if you really want to open up to all that IS coming your way, it’s time to learn the lessons and let it go. 

Open Up the Floodgates 

Maybe you’ve been saying you want more money to come into your life, yet you haven’t opened up a way for it to come through? Yes I am definitely guilty as charged of this one right here, so let’s just crack this one right open. 

If you want more money, to see more available able to be used-as-you-wish cash in your life then you must open the channel for it to flow through! That could mean adopting and nurturing a side hustle, taking on some extra shifts at work, promoting your business on new platforms, upping your marketing game or just even ASKING for it! Say it out loud, say it to the person who can give/lend it to you, say it to the person who can give you advice on how to get it! Whatever it is, open the way for it to enter. 

Not only must you open the channels physically, you must also open them psychologically. If you have any limiting beliefs around the area of what you desire, you’ll want to find yourself a good coach/therapist and work through those. You could of course do this yourself, though it will be a lot quicker and cleaner with a guide - trust me, I know. With your unconscious mind and energetic bodies clear, you now must adjust your mindset and prime it for receiving what you want. This entails surrounding yourself with the types of people who have what you want by going out there to events, learning and networking with others on the same wavelength, bringing symbols of what you want into your life to trigger your unconscious mind into creating these things for you. For example; if you want love do loving things for yourself and others, attend to yourself with love, bring in a Rose Quartz, go to places where you can meet new wonderful people, be in spaces that cultivate loving energy. Imagine the love you want and step into that vision with clarity and let it take over your senses. 

Practice Gratitude

You know that saying “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?” Many of us are blind to the opportunities that we miss out on every single day. Many of us are also blind to what we have, and how best to appreciate those things. How much do you really value the thing that you want? Do you communicate that effectively, unapologetically, shamelessly? Are you open about what you are grateful for? Does the person or thing know that you are grateful?! 

When we are actively grateful for people/things/opportunities etc we are more likely to make the most out of them and take good care of them. AKA we are likely to put our best foot forwards, show our gratitude, show that we want that person or thing in our lives and do what must be done to develop the relationship we have within/with that relationship or thing. Let’s take money as an example. Almost everyone in the world wants more money. Yet how many of us have treated it with care, respect and love? Most of us are guilty of scrunching money into our wallets, ignoring the heck out of our bank accounts, exchanging money for cheap short term thrills -ahem, those shoes - or totally bad mouth money with “it’s the root of all evil” etc. 

Whatever it is - or whoever it is- that you want more of, it is time to unveil all of your ideologies, your negative thoughts and feelings, asses them all, lay them down and step into the space of gratitude. 
Begin keeping a gratitude journal for 30 days, or set a reminder on your phone of times each day to pause, step outside of whichever current perspective you hold, and speak all the ways in which you are grateful to/ for that energy (thing or person). Notice how your mindset towards it begins to change. Feel how your relationship with it begins to change. Whatever we focus on grows. Remember that. 

It is time to truly be cognizant of your words, thoughts and feelings and actions - they are all the precursor to your reality. 

Closing Contemplation:

How ready are you for the things you claim to want? If they landed in your lap right this moment, how ready would you be to receive? Do you have a place for them to go? Assess your situation, your mindset and adjust accordingly. If you claim to want your own business, are you ready to take on your first client right now? Why not? Take the action that aligns you with what you say you want and your reality will begin to change almost instantly - watch out though, without pausing to be grateful you could miss it! 

Call to Action:

Set aside a set time for your gratitude practice every day. You could yell what you’re grateful for on the beach at sunrise, do a live video on Instagram or Facebook or get writing and  create an entry in a dedicated journal whilst getting ready for bed. Wherever you are and whenever works for you - make it happen.

MindKemet Tenkamenin