Origin of ‘Khemiyah’= ALCHEMY + PURPOSE

Khemet/Kemet/Kmt = Original name of now Egypt, which was referred to as the motherland of Alchemy, now Chemistry. The changing of base elements into those with more desired qualities or value. KMT referred to the black nourishing sile of the Nile River that brought forth much life.

Nyah = Swahili African name meaning Purpose. Also seen in N.W Cameroon to mean ‘original’.

Through my journey of choosing what I wanted to do here on this earth, I turned to look at my name as a guide. In African culture the name that you are given is indeed thought to be powerful and a part of your destiny. So we have a fusion, Khemiyah.

Khemiyah holds space for your transformation whilst you break free from your past and begin to consciously create your future. See this as a well of nourishment that serves primarily to help you navigate your journey through life. As a platform for facilitating self-empowerment, this is for those who are ready to grow and experience vitality in all areas of their lives. If you are ready to step into the best version of yourself then this is definitely for you!

This journey is about:
1. seeing yourself as you are right now at present
2. Choosing to purposefully activate your True Self
3. Developing awareness, assessing & releasing the shadows / lower vibrational areas of your life
4. Illuminating said area, releasing Negative emotions and limiting decisions, reprogramming the unconscious mind and healing the energy body. Breaking through and breaking free so that you begin to consciously create the life of your choosing and desires.
5. Supporting your new mindset, nourishing the mind, body and soul, continuing to add light and love for your continual growth and high vibration.
6. Moving you closer to your ecological and dreams in any area of your life.
7. Living and acting from a place of Love.

This journey of Alchemy + Purpose promotes willful self elevation, empowerment and wholeness. It encourages the balancing of the feminine and the masculine, the deep waters of introspective work and the blue flame of the action taking. 

An integrative approach is a cornerstone to developing and maintaining clarity of mind, alignment, and creating abundance. 

When we are able to experience ourselves in our wholeness, be in alignment with source truth, we are more able to fulfil our choices in this visible dimension. In doing and being this, we are also able to inspire others to reach for their own freedom. 

And so the pyramid of love and self-empowerment grows. 

Khemiyah is here to facilitate your journey through this current space and time through holding space, tarot, 1:1 coaching and healing sessions and of course sharing via the blog & social media.




About Kem

“What we focus on grows”.....

If you had asked me what my ‘why’ was last week, I would’ve told you that it was to stop suffering/pain being passed down from generation to generation. Through our own personal transformations, through our own healing so that we may be self-aware and not indoctrinate our children, partners, peers and societies with the pain that we had been given, had received and experienced as well as the pain that we had created for ourselves.

I have, for some time, known that, as the saying goes, to create the change we wish to see in the world that we must first begin with ourselves. I got that every climb of 1000 steps begins with 1 - and yet, I was climbing the stairs backwards.

My drive was almost all ‘away from’ and so instead of creating healthy scenarios that reflected my desire, I created a life that reflected my fears. Continual escape artist action, running, hiding, hurting myself, denying myself. My actions were fear based, even though what I desired and strived to move towards was love.

I was doing the very things I claimed to not want because of where my focus was. So instead of creating healing and loving spaces, I created spaces that needed healing but were of pain, confusion and fear. Worse still, I drew others into that with me.

The Old Me

At 22 I was in dire pain. I had just left a mentally, emotionally and physically abusive relationship and was recovering from having lost a baby. Trust of myself and others was shredded and the child within still had not healed from the two family separations, sexual abuse and continental moves. I was resisting, back and forth between ignoring the pain and doing the shadow work. Back and forth between serious anxiety and depression and trying to fake being okay to the world. A power struggle between me and the world ensued.

Through conditioning, through pain passed down, I made myself a prisoner to my own pain and existence. I locked people out, I avoided the truth, I sold myself a lie and I gave myself the poison.


At 24 I finally chose something different for myself. After a break-up and break down I chose to move to the other side of the world, to look deep within undisturbed. Day in and day out for about 4 months I dug, pulled back the layers, faced myself. I would soon learn that the learning would never quite be done, though acceptance was on the horizon.

In this time I prayed like a Muslim and sat in silence like a Buddhist, fasted for 5 days, journaled until my hands hurt, took up chastity and returned to my yoga practice. I studied Ayurveda, NLP, Non-Violent Communication and enlisted in countless personal development workshops and masterclasses as well as getting my own coach to guide me through Limiting Beliefs and Negative Emotions.

Rebirth of the Why

Fast forward 2 years and my ‘why’ has died and been reborn. It is no longer the liberation from pain because life is about way more than fighting and running. My ‘why’ is to love. To experience me as love and to share that with others. My ‘why’ is to hold space for others whilst they shake off the old and emerge as their true selves, their glowing selves. Their selves who in the night, in the darkness, shine.

Finally, I began to breathe. Looking at myself in the mirror is not the challenge it used to be. In this place of surrender, acceptance and love I am now able to create a life of my own design that reflects my true desires.

How I serve

With seeing how my journey to healing has been, to witness my own liberation, I know I must now share this with you. As an intuitive life coach, I am here to hold that space for you, to guide those who are ready through their transformation so that they may breakthrough and break free from the past and begin to consciously create the now, the life that you truly desire.

With Tarot, I am here to channel messages for you, with you, so that you may feel more aware and guided about your current trajectory.

I know within that you are not here reading this by accident... You are ready for guidance, your shift, ready to activate your true self!

Whether you are ready for your personal experience of a guided breakthrough from your past to release and break free, or you’re simply gathering tips, tools and insight, you are so welcome here.

Know that this is a safe space for you to look within, open up, and Activate Your True Self.